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This rate applies when a customer uses a Debit card without a PIN #.

Sales that qualify for this category include:  swiped consumer VisaŽ/MasterCardŽ sales.

Sales that qualify for this category include:

  • Keyed MasterCard® sales
  • Keyed Visa® sales with an address verification request
  • Corporate MasterCard® sales with level II data (Tax amount, invoice #, Customer code)
  • Keyed Discover Card sales
  • Keyed Discover sales with an address verification request

Sales in this category include:

  • Keyed in Visa® sales without an address verification request
  • Corporate MasterCard® sales without level II data
  • Corporate Visa® sales
  • Keyed Discover sales without an address verification request
  • Batches closed after 48 hours
  • Sales that were done via a voice authorization

Sales in this category result when a customer uses a Debit card with a PIN #. 


  • Transaction fee
  • American Express authorization fee
  • Discover authorization fee
  • Statement fee

 Qualified Discount Rate, Mid-Qualified Rate & Non-Qualified Rate

VisaŽ, MasterCardŽ & Discover charge merchant providers several dozen rates that range significantly in price.  To simplify the billing, merchant providers group all these rates into three pricing categories:

  • Qualified Discount Rate
  • Mid-Qualified Rate
  • Non-Qualified Rate
  • Qualified Discount Rate

The discount rate you see advertised is referred to as your qualified rate and is a percentage taken from every dollar charged.

  • Mid-Qualified Rate

This is the flat rate added to the discount rate for a transaction that meets some, but not all of the specific requirements to qualify for the merchant’s best set of interchange categories.  For an internet merchant, mid-qualified transactions are downgraded to mid-qualified because:  1) The transaction was hand-keyed, but AVS was used; 2) The batch was not closed daily, but within 48 hours; 3) More than one authorization was attempted.  Merchants will pay a higher rate for these mid-qualified (or partially qualified) transactions.

  • Non-Qualified Rate

This rate is added to your qualified rate and applies on certain card types, such as business or corporate as well as some consumer cards.  Other situations will also cause your transactions to automatically downgrade to this rate, such as you did not use Address Verification Service (AVS) on any keyed in transactions or failed to batch out within 24 hours of processing that particular sale.

Transaction Fee

A transaction fee is a set amount you are charged for each transaction (sale) you process.  Since there is no standard terminology in the industry, some companies may call this fee an “Authorization”, “Per Item”, “Interchange Fee”, etc.


What is Address Verification Service (AVS)

Address Verification Service (AVS) is a fraud prevention service that validates the cardholders billing address provided in the order against the card issuing bank’s records.  You must use this service on all keyed-in transactions or they will automatically downgrade to your non-qualified rate.

What is a Batch Fee

Your transactions must be closed out within 24 hours of processing the sales (once a day) or they will automatically downgrade to the non-qualified rate.  This fee covers the expenses involved with your terminal or account accessing our toll-free processing network to close out the transactions.  Batching out once a day is sufficient for most merchants.  If you do not process anything for a particular day, then it will not apply.

Monthly Statement/ Customer Service Fee

Most providers call their monthly service fee a “statement” or “customer service” fee.  This helps cover the expenses involved for providing 24/7 customer service, risk management & loss prevention, underwriting, billing, fraudulent services, etc.

What is Monthly Minimum Fee

This applies when the amount you are paying in discount fees does not add up to your monthly minimum.  For example, your discount rate is 2.5% and you processed $500 for the month that is $12.50 in discount fees (0.025 X $500).  If your monthly minimum is $25, then you will be charged the $12.50 difference.  If you were to process $1,000 a month, then that would be $25.00 in discount fees, resulting in no extra charges.

What is Monthly Gateway Fee

This applies to Internet/Mail/Phone Order merchants using an Internet gateway service such as  Gateway providers charge this fee to cover the expenses involved for providing you their secure gateway service.  This includes collecting the customer’s credit card information and securely processing it over the web.  It generally comes with a monthly service charge along with a per transaction fee.

Contractual Terms & Termination Fee

We prefer our accounts to come with a three-year agreement and an early cancellation fee of $250.  You may be thinking, “what if I’m not satisfied with your service?”  We completely understand your concern and rest assure our company’s reputation stands for quality service.  The main reason we prefer this type of agreement is for the significant cost we incur to board any single merchant.  As an example, for merchants using, we are charged a set-up fee by  The process of setting up a merchant account is similar to getting a business loan.  Your application travels through multiple channels and requires significant company resources.  For example, the application must be entered into our system, go through the underwriting and approval process, set-up by someone from installation, clear the billing department and end its journey at the filing station.  This whole process requires the use of several dozen employees working behind the scenes to make it all happen.  This does not even include your 24/7 customer service department, supplies, etc.  In short, the $250 helps us recover all the expenses we incur for any given account that cancels within a short period of time.  However, if your cancellation is a result of our error or lack of quality service, please contact your personal account manager for consideration of fee removal.

Chargeback & Retrieval Fee

A chargeback fee usually applies when the customer or their issuing bank has disputed a transaction.  A retrieval fee applies when the issuing bank is requesting the original sales draft, such as a signed receipt, order invoice, etc.

Voice Authorization Fee (for retail merchants only)

Associated when an issuing bank sends a “Please Call” message to the merchant instead of an authorization number and the merchant must make a phone call.  This very seldom occurs.

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